Sell Tungsten Copper Composites

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WCu composites are offered with 10-40wt %Cu. Various kinds of plates, sheets, rods and parts are available with different copper contents. All forms of parts as Electrodes for EDM and Resistance Welding, Electrical Contacts, Heat Sinks can be timely produced according to the demands of customers.

WCu composites are offered with 10~50wt. % Cu.

* High arc resistance combined with good electrical conductivity
* High thermal conductiveity
* Low thermal expansion

* Arcing contacts and vaccum contacts in high and medium voltage breakers or vaccum interruptors
* Electrodes in electric spark erosion cutting machines
* Heat sinks as passive cooling elements of electronic devices.
* Electrodes for Resistance Welding

Product Standard: GB/T 8320-2003