Sell Tungsten Raw Material in Billet

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Item: Tungsten raw material in Billet
Yearly Supply: 50M/T
Country of origin: China
Price: Best Offer

Laboratory Test Report

Test Condition:

Material: Tungsten
Sample shape: Billet
Category: Alloy
Temperature: 9 deg Celsius
Humidity: 78%RH
Equipment: AB104S Electronic Balance
S/N: 400915001

Foreign material content (less than %)

Fe 0.001 O 0.001
Al 0.001 Ca 0.001
Si 0.001 P 0.001
Mg 0.0007 C 0.001
Ni 0.0007 N 0.001
Mo 0.003


Density= 17.77 g/cm3
Supply Capacity
50 Metric Tonne per Year