Sell Tungsten alloy dart billet and barrel

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The barrel forms the main part of a dart. Today's standard barrel material is Tungsten-based heavy alloy Billet. Technical difficulties in manufacturing mean that a 100% tungsten dart is not available. The All Tungsten darts on the market are in fact made of tungsten alloys. Tungsten has a specific gravity of 19.3(200) , making it a very dense material. Engineered for a greater weight to volume ratio, tungsten darts have a characteristically slimmer barrel. Due to these special properties, tungsten is now widely applied in the making of darts to replace brass.

ChinaTungsten Online (Xiamen) Manufacturing & Sales Corporation specializes in the manufacturing and exporting of various Tungsten products, and we are now mainly promoting our high-quality Tungsten Billet to users worldwide.

Usually we provide products according to clients specific demands. We can offer a range of different tungsten alloys, including W-Ni-Fe, W-Ni-Cu or W-Ni-Cu-Fe, up to the particular requirement for that high-density alloy. Surface center-less ground can be done upon demand. In addition to supplying the Tungsten Billet raw materials, we can also provide the machined part as Tungsten Barrel.