Sell Tungsten copper alloy, High density Tungsten based alloy

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Tungsten copper alloy
Code: CWCu-20, CWCu-25
Main applications: For the spark erosion of dies of cemented carbide and for making high speed steel and switches and contacts in high and low voltage electriacl devices.
Main sizes:
Rods: (10-60) mmW(150-250) mm
Square bars:
(12W12) mm-(45W45) mmW350mm

High density Tungsten based alloy
Code: GMW
Density:(17~18.5) g/cm3
Main component: W(88-98) % with the addition of nickel and copper or nickel and iron, etc
Main applications: For making rotors of aircraft wings, shileding materias for radioactive isotope (Cobalt 60) , and formaterials of armor piercing bullets and mould , etc