Sell Tungsten foil strip

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Tungsten is a steel-gray to tin-white metal. Tungsten has the highest melting point and lowest vapour pressure of all metals, and at temperatures over 1650C has the highest tensile strength. The pure tungsten is used mainly in electrical applications, but its many compounds and alloys are used in many applications, most notably in light bulb filaments, X-ray tubes (as both the filament and target) , and superalloys.

Varnl specializes in manufacturing high performance Tungsten and its alloys for a good variety of customers and markets worldwide, available in diversified fabricated forms including sheet, foil, rod, wire, tube and etc.

1. Tungsten plate, sheet, foil, strip, ribbon
Standards: ASTM B706
Size available: thick 0.05mm~65mm * Wide 600mm max * Long 1000mm max

2. Tungsten round rod, rectangular bar
Size Available: Outer Diameter 3mm ~ 350mm * Long 6000mm max

3. Tungsten Wire (Black wire and Clean Wire )
Size available: Outer Diameter 0.01mm min ~5mm

4. Tungsten tube, pipe
Size available: wall thick 0.15~30mm * OD 3 ~400mm * Long 6000mm max

5. Featured tungsten alloys & cermets

W-Cu Alloy
W:Cu 90:10
W:Cu 85:15
W:Cu 80:20
W:Cu 78:22
W:Cu 75:25
W:Cu 70:30
W:Cu 68:32
W: Cu 55:45


90 % W, 7% Ni, 3% Fe
92.5 % W, 5.25 % Ni, 2.25% Fe
95 % W, 3.5%, Ni, 1.5% Fe
97% W, 2.1% Ni, .9% Fe

90 % W 6 % Ni 4% Cu
95 % W, 3.5% Ni, 1.5% Cu

W-Mo (Tungsten Molybdenum alloy, Mo-W alloy)

W-Re (Tungsten Rhenium alloy)

Tungsten carbide (WC) is an inorganic chemical compound containing equal parts of tungsten and carbon atoms. It's extensively used in industrial machinery, tools, abrasives, as well as men's jewellry. Tungsten carbide is four times stiffer than steel and is a much denser metal than steel or titanium.

6. Typical sputtering targets
Tungsten sputtering target