Sell Turbine Ventilator: TG-500(20inch)

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TG-500 are used in the houses, the ventilating pipes and the small buildings.
1. The ball diameter (body diameter) is 620mm (25inch) , and the throat diameter (inner diameter) is 500mm (20inch) .
2. There are three kinds of materials they are made of: (A) stainless steel, (B) vanes stainless steel+ others galvanized sheet, (C) vanes aluminum + others galvanized sheet.
3. The volume of air discharge is about 950-4000 CBM/H.
4. It is about 8 kg/set and the UBC bearings we use are from the USA.
5. We guarantee the usage for 15 years.
6. We can design and manufacture other sizes according to your demands.
The Characters and the Advantages of TG No power Ventilators
1. The Theory of Its Running
Our Nopower Ventilations need not the electric power instead of easily driving the turbine vanes to ratate by nature breeze or the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor so as to make true the running without cost. . . They are the real practical and energy saving products without noise and pollution. , so they can save much electric power and labour for users in order to lower the production cost clearly, to improve the working surrounding of the workshop, to rise the working efficiency even to strengthen the quality of the their products.

2. The Constitutes of the Material
Our Nopower Ventilations are made of the whole stainless steel which need not maintenance any longer and are of anti-acid- base and of anti-erosion by the only once investment.

The TG Nopower Ventilations are set up the advanced bearings imported from America which can be assured for about 15 years.

3. The Values of the Nopwer Ventilations
A. They can exhausted the hot air, waste gas, dust and other harmful gas meanwhile the fresh air outdoor can come into the workshop so as to better the working surrouding, to make the workers more energetic and to increase the benefits of the company.

B. Lower the users production costs. Because our Nopower Ventilations belongs to the products which need not electric power and other consumes for the life-long time after the only once investment, to a large extent they can lower the users products costing.
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