Sell Turbocharger(T101)

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Detailed Product Description

1) Windowscar model: T101
2) P / N:
A) 003 096 53 99
B) 003 096 54 99
C) 003 096 55 99
D) 003 096 25 99
E) 53279886206
3) Engine model: Mercedes-Benz Om422
4) High-temperature resistance
5) Outstanding wearability
6) Anti-oxidation
7) Balance

A turbocharger is basically an air pump. Hot exhaust gases leaving the engine after combustion are routed directly to the turbine wheel side of the turbocharger to make it rotate. That turbine wheel is connected by a shaft to a compressor wheel. As the turbine wheel spins faster and faster, it causes the compressor wheel to also spin quickly. The rotation of the compressor wheel pulls in ambient air and compresses it before pumping it into the engine's chambers.

Product Name: Turbocharger
Place of Origin: China

Turbocharger for komastu, schwitzer. cummins, volvo, man, kkk, mitsubishi, hyundai, scania.