Sell Turboexpander

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Freezing machine, using only air and electricity,
No freon, no azote.
Temperatures from -30C to -120C, 17 kWh.

Possible fields of application:

- ATRM can be used as the basic cool-making or the heating up device
- In refrigerator containers and cars
- In systems of cooling and heating of buildings and industrial constructions
- In technological processing of metals and fabricated rubber products
- In complexes on manufacture and processing of meat, fish and dairy production for its fast cooling
- In cooling or drying of vegetables and fruit
- In medical and biological industries

The design of ATRM is constructed on principles which are safe for environment, for cooling of great volumes of air and is not simply alternative to a traditional industrial refrigerating machinery, but also considerably expands a spectrum of applicability of similar technics in new directions of the industry, medicine, trade, agricultural and municipal economy.

ATRM does not demand special works on installation, except connection of air lines and electric power connection.

Numerous restrictions and instructions on remoteness from inhabited files and natural water sources do not extend on ATRM, it can be easily mounted in a binding to any isolated hermetical construction or it can be built in operating production process.

Mobility, simplicity of management and operation, absence of requirement for a considerable quantity of cooling water, powerful dynamic component of a stream of cooled air, possibility to use the hot air, full safety - these properties of ATRM give possibility to receive an industrial cold without large capital investments.