Sell Turkish Walnut Gunstock ( Rifle ) Blanks

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Exhibition Gunstock Blanks for Rifles&Shotguns. . .

We produce gunstock drafts from 200-300 years old walnut trees raised in the wastelands of Turkey. Since we are not the exporter only but also the producer company our prices are quirt reasonable compared to the market. The quality of our products will satisfy you in every respect.

* Our product has a humidity degree that is dry enough for be treated at CNC.

. Standart Gunstock Blanks
. Semi Fancy Gunstock Blanks
. AA Fancy Gunstock Blanks
. AAA Fancy Gunstock Blanks
. Lux Gunstock Blanks
. Exhibition Gunstock Blanks

. . . The Best Turkish Walnut Gun stock Blanks. . .

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