Sell Turkish Wild Mushrooms

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We are the biggest wild mushrooms supplier in Turkey last 2 years and we are exporting fresh, dried, frozen all of kind wild mushrooms with different packs from our different warehouses in here to Europe and U. S. A. with daily shipments or with trucks.

For new season 2008, we are searching new customers, wholesalers, importers.

We are exporting the wild mushrooms;

Morchella Conica, Esculenta (fresh, dried, frozen)
Chantarellus Cibarius (fresh, frozen, dried, in brine)
Hydnum Repandum, Pied de Mouton (fresh, frozen, dried)
Black Trumpet, Trompette des Morts, Craterellus Cornucopioides (fresh, dried)
Porcini (Chpe) Boletus Edulis, Aereus, Pinicola (fresh, dried, frozen)
Saffron Milk-cap (Lactaire Dilicieux) Lactarius Deliciosus (fresh)
Tricholoma Terreum (fresh)
Amanita Caesarea (fresh, frozen)

Package: 1 kg, 3 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg different packages depend on mushroom and customer demand.
If you are interested top quality fresh, frozen, dried wild mushrooms from Turkey, please contact with us.

Friendly regards.
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