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Appearance: Greyish white powder.

It is a new germicide, can be against fungous diease of crops, such as rise, fruit, pseudoginseng, vegetable and other plants. It is not dissolved in water, and can well-proportioned suspend in water, very easy to use.

As a germicide for plants, Tuzet is against fungous diseases of crops, such as sheath and culm blight of rice, fruit white rot of grape, anthracnose, anthracnose of apple, black rot of pear, vegetable fost mildew, tabaco, pseudo-ginseng anthracnose, etc.

Main preventable objects:
Apple trees: anthracnose, rot, black-star, whitning, etc.
Pear: black-star, blace-spot, red-star.
Orange: ulceration, scall, anthracnose, yellow spot, colophony ill.
Legume: bacilli epidemic disease, bacilli spot, spots, etc.
Grape: whitning, rots, etc.
Paddy: grain dull; wheat: dust-brand; cotton: seeding expect disease; sweet potato: tiger spot; tea trees: white thin silk; panax: dark spot; angelica: dark rots; chrysanthemum: whitning, etc.

Package: 800gW10 plastic bags with outer paper box.
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