Sell Twelve Channel ECG-121

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Twelve Channel ECG-121

Simultaneous 12 Lead Acquisition, 12-channel, 6-channel Print Out
Interpretation, Memory and Playback
Large LCD Preview, Built-in Handle and Built-in Rechargeable Battery
High Resolution Thermal Printer, Baseline Automatically Controlled
Auto & Manual Operation
AC, EMG and DFT Filter
RS232 interface, software is optional
16sets data and analysis result memory is optional


1. Simultaneous 12 lead acquisition, 12-channel, 6-channel printing form at choice. Date, time and parameters, including paper speed, heart rate, sensitivity, filter status, and etc. print out.
2. Automatic interpretation and print out the result.
3. Large LCD waveform display, and main parameter display upon operation going status. Built-in Handle.
4.16 real ECG memory and playback.
5. High resolution thermal array printer make out clear and accurate waveform.
6. Controlling baseline position and drift is automatically.
7. Several auto & manual operation mode at choice.
8. Powerful digital filter can inhibit AC, EMG and DFT interference effectively.
9. AC and built-in rechargeable battery power supply, 50 exams available after fully charged.
10. Key-stroke with "beep" for confirmation of correct input.
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