Sell Two-Function Mosquito/Pest/Insect Killer/Catcher/Trap

Two-Function Mosquito/Pest/Insect Killer/Catcher/Trap You May Also Be Interested In: insect killer mosquito & insect killer mosquito insect mosquito insect killer pest killer
(Patent no#: ZL 00 3 04119.0)

Our Latest Two-Function Mosquito Killer recognized as killing fast, thorough and environmental protection. Compare with old type products, this new item has below advantage----
1. No weakness of Mosquito Incense, which generates fire and strong smoke.
2. Prevent the problem of dropping effect slowly and slowly of Electric Heating Mosquito Incense Pieces Killer.
3. No disadvantage of strong odor and discomfort feeling caused from Electric Heating Mosquito Liquor Killer
4. Remove the inconvenience while using the Mosquito Lamp Killer and Electric Mosquito Beat Killer.

Model: BW-2 (Golden and Green)
Packing Measurements: 18.5x10x30cm
Weight: 1.5kgs
Loading Quantity: 4500pcs/20' container

Working Elements:
1. Physical: According to the biological characteristic that mosquito and insect is sensitive to the air current and photokinesis, this item tempts the mosquito and insect with the aid of the air flow and the light, and kills them by electrical net, thus achieved the main goal of physics captures .

2. Chemical: This product is equipped with the electric heating expellent liquid, can release the gas to anaesthetize mosquito nerve, then achieve the goal of prevents the mosquito biting while people resting.