Sell Two-Layer Plastics Sheet Extruder

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Our ZDP-670D/1400D two layers plastic sheet extruding machine is designed and made by absorbing and digesting advanced technology at home and abroad. It is mainly used plastic sheet of PP, PE, PS ABS, HIPS as raw material and used for folders, stationery, packaging, system Cup compression purposes and makethe packing containers like for beverage mugs, icecream cups, jelly cups, and so on.

Structure Characteristics:
1. Good plastication, equal sheet thickness and constant flowing speed due to the large L/D ratio of the screw in the extrusion unit;
2. Screw, die head and crust are made of high quality of alloy steel with optimum hardness, strong corrosion resistance and long operating life after nitrogen treatment; and adopt superior 38CrMoALA material
3. Advanced net-electrically-changed device in the die head. Screen exchanger adopts hydraulic style fast screen exchange with double filters. It is easy to operate and has high production efficiency;
4. It is a more reasonable technics to adopt three-roller structure, it improve the quality of sheet;
5. Adopt advanced frequency converter to be easy to adjust the linear speed of the three rollers and drive.