Sell Two-Pump Two Nozzle Dobby Shedding Water-Jet Loom

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The JW-652CP is designed for high-speed, high efficiency and wider workable range of fabrics. Within a larger workable range of yarns, it can weave two kinds of distinctly different yarns at the same time, greatly enhancing the added value of fabric

Based on the JW-851 model, the structure is more sturdy, it can realize high-speed
steady operation. Plain shedding device and single pump two nozzle electronic
measuring and storage system are optional parts for the unit.

1) Reed width: 170, 190, 210, 230cm
2) Filling insertion rate: 2,280m/min max.
3) Head frame:
a) Plain shedding: 8pcs max.
b) Dobby shedding: 16pcs max.
4) Power: 2.8, 3.5, 4.5kW
5) Weft density: 5 ~ 60picks/cm
6) Rotational speed: 1,200rpm max.

1) Nylon-6 filament
2) Nylon-6 non-sizing
3) Polyester filament
4) Polyester draw textured
5) Polyester spun yarn
6) Polyester high twisting yarn
7) Polyester POY
8) Polyester non-sizing filament
9) O. P. yarn
10) Taslon yarn