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Our product, Rapid Performance Oils RSX Premium Two-Stroke Engine Oil is superior quality oil for gasoline powered two strokes cycle engine, which is blended with highly refined paraffinic base stock with additive package. It has high thermal stability and gives low heat generation and less frictional power losses. It has been specifically designed as an economical alternative to other lubricants designed for the protection of 2-stroke motors.

Rapid Performance Oils RSX Premium Two-Stroke Engine Oil can be used in the engines where oil is mixed with petrol or a separate injector is providing for mixing. It is specifically formulated for use in high powered air cooled two stroke cycle engines used in chain saws, law mowers, heavy duty motorcycle and one or two cylinders small out board engines. It has good resistance to oxidation to keep the engine free from carbon deposits and gives trouble free ignition to provide longer spark plug life. It easily mixes with petrol to provide better engine lubrication.

Our products are API and SAE certified with 100% quality guarantee. We produce our lubricants from Virgin Base Oil.

We will also ensure you that we can get the oil blended as per your requirements.

We assure that you will be extremely satisfied with our line of products and the service we provide to our customers. I would look forward for an opportunity to serve you at all times.

Brand Name
Rapid Performance Oils
SAE and API Standard Products
Available Colors
Condition of Goods
Model Number
RSX Premium 2-Stroke Engine Oil
33 fl oz