Sell Two Ways Car Alarm

Two Ways Car Alarm
Name: Two Ways Car Alarm
Model: SN-980A

Product Introducation:

1. Super far distance FSK (FM) intercommunication (open distance 1500 meters)
2. Code hopping can effectively prevent being copied or scanned
3. Compatible with the original car alarm system on the car
4.14 kinds of user programming parameter setting
5. Remote controller sound & light alarm
6. LCD display of car status on remote controller
7. Startup by remote control with gear test to avoid car rush (optional)
8. TACH & TACHLESS (optional)
9. With preset mode and turbine charger mode (optional)
10. Timer remote control startup mode (optional)
11. Car washing mode
12. Robbery preventing mode
13. Engine cover, trunk inspection and alarm
14. Automatic window roll-up output
15. Automatic door top light output
16. Trunk unlocking
17. Programmable assistant channel output