Sell Two-channel Receiver

Two-channel Receiver
Working Voltage: DC12V
Working Current: 48mA
DC/AC Control Voltage: DC28V AC220/250V
DC/AC Control Current: DC10A AC 5A
To learn a remote into the receiver, press and release the LEARN button on the board, and then press any button on the remote three times.

Once learned successfully, press the remote button, then the receiver will make a sound and the LED light on it will flash. Please note that if you use a multi button remtoe, the buttons are predefined.

If a remote was lost, and you want to learn other new remotes, just press the LEARN button for more than 8 seconds, this will erase all the data storage in the memory.

This model can match with 20 remotes at one time.

LEAOH MOM is for exchanging between latch type and memory type.

You can choose two different control modes in one receiver, one latch type and one memory type.
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