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A two-channel electronic time delay on make relay REV-201 is designed for alternate current 220V/50Hz electric curcuit switching and direct current 24 - 100V electric curcuit switching with adjustable time delay range from 0 to 220 sec. The relay is two-channeled. Each channel is an independent time delay relay. Upon application a voltage on a channel time delay is initiated. The relay REV-201 provides two modes of operation:
Mode 1 An independent operation of channels. Each channel is energized by an independent supply voltage at different time. Time delay is initiated upon application supply voltage to each channel (two-relay mode of operation) ;
Mode 2 The parallel operation of channels. Each channel is energized by the same supply voltage simultaneously. Time delay for both channels is initiated simultaneously. The relay trips according to each channel time delays set by adjustments (two different time delays single-relay mode of operation) .
Each channel time delay is initiated upon application of voltage to "L1-N" terminals (channel 1) ; "L2-N" terminals (channel 2) . Time delay is set by contact arms of potentiometers. Each channel has two adjustments: in a range from 0 to 20 sec and in a range from 0 to 200 sec. A channel trips with total time delay equal to the sum of both delays, set by the two potentiometers. If time delay is less than 20 sec, the potentiometer 0 -- 200 is set in zero position and the delay is set by the potentiometer 0-20. If time delay is more than 20 sec, it is set by both potentiometers as the sum of preset time delays
When a voltage is applied to the channel, the green LED switches ON. This is signalling that time delay is initiated. At the end of preset time delay the relay trips and the red LED switches ON.
Each channel has a N. C. (normally closed) output contact and a N. O. (normally open) output contact: 1-2 and 4-5 are N. C. contacts, 2-3 and 5-6 are N. O. contacts. "1-2-3" are the contacts of channel 1, "4-5-6" are the contacts of channel 2; both groups are two-way break-before-make. i. e. transfer contacts. At the end of preset time delay the relay coil is energized and the contacts transfer. Upon removal of supply voltage the relay will reset.
Two independent channels.
Voltage signal digitizing.
The relay power curcuit and output curcuits are conductively isolated
High accuracy of trip delay keeping.
The relay accuracy/performance independence on temperature, humidity and other environmental parameters
LED indication of time delay initiation (voltage application) and of the relay operation.
Safe operation of the relay in the wide supply voltage range
The relay doesn't call for an additional separate power supply
The relay is practically independent on mains frequency variations.
A quite high power, switched by output contacts.
Simplicity of time delay adjustment.
Changeability of adjustable time delay setting range at the customer's request is available.
Two output contact (one N. C. and one N. O. ) groups, one group for each channel.
Low power consumption under load.
Long operational life under load
Mounting on a standard DIN-rail.
Compactness and small weight.
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