Sell Two for one(TFO) twisters

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Two for one twisters are used for Twisting synthetic yarn to the desired Twist per meter (TPM) . This is attained by the arrangement of the spindle and the yarn passing through it. These Spindles are belt driven and the gearbox arrangement is such so as to have a positive drive to drive the take up roll where the final product is collected. These twisters are more than twice efficient than their One to One twisters. Moreover as the same motor is used the Power consumption is almost the same for a double yield of production for a given period of time. These machines have an additional attachment called Overfeed which does the job of uniform yarn delivery speed to the collecting roll. This arrangement gives a better finish to the end product yarn after twisting. This is additional advantage you get in these machines.
These machines require a Winding machine which supplies Cops for the TFO . . which are known as Cop winding machines. Cops are aluminium or Plastic tubes on which the yarn to be twisted is loaded before it can be loaded on the TFO. The yarn on the Cops are wound in many patterns using a double Cam Gear Box, so as to avoid slippage of yarn. These winding machines also employ Inverters (Optional) , to maintain uniform yarn tension on the cops, throughout the depth of winding. This is particularly useful for delicate yarns.
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