Sell Two-head 3D Relief Engraver

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The two heads can process at the same time, each of them can also be used alone. The efficiency of two heads is twice as much as one head.
It adopts German double-nut ball screws, imported guide rail. The adoption of the breakpoint memory, guarantee for the accident (power off) or the next day can process.
It has gantry movement, long time use without distortion, which makes it more precise in positioning accuracy
Large power cutting makes the engraving elaborate and smooth.
It can increase the efficiency when processing on the complicated image. When doing mass processing, the consistency and quality of the product is good. The equipment will be stable and with low error ratio even it works for long time.

Model MW-1313S Option
X Y working area 600W1300mm <2000W4000mm
Z working area 200mm <450mm
Table size 1480W1840mm
Max feeding >25m/min
Work-holding By suction
Processor DSP 100MHz
Interface USB
Command *. u00*. mmg*. plt
Surroundings for software DSP
Power (not include the spindle) 2KW
Power AC220V/50Hz AC380V/50Hz
Main axle power rate 2.2KW 3/4.5/6KW
Main axle rotating speed 0--24000rpm/min
Word Mode Stepper
Brand Name
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
1 unit