Sell Two layer plastic sheet extrusion machine

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Complete Sheet Line
generally as described in the pages
enclosed & consisting of the following:

1. Extruder
2. Screen Changer
3. Sheet die. (T Die Fish tail type)
4. 3 roll calendar polishing stack assembly
5. Nip roller & side trimming unit.
6. 2 stage Torque Winder
7. Control Panel


Material (Screw / Barrel) : EN 41B, Gas Nitrated, Hardness: 65 RC
L/d ratio: 28:1
Screw speed - rpm: 20 - 120
Max. Output 100 KGs
Screw Type: Barrier type with special mixing zone
Barrel Cooling: Jacketed water cooling on feeding zone &
Blower cooling on heating zones
Hopper: 50 Kg capacity with sight glass, emptying chute, shut off slide & lid
Type of Barrel Heaters Ceramic Band Heaters with digital temperature controllers

Main Extruder Piston Type


Die type: "T"
Die lip width: 680 mm
Die Material: high-grade hot work alloy steel.
Sheet width (after trimming) - mm: 600
Sheet thickness - mm: 0.2 - 1.5
No of heating zones: 3
Deckling locking, each side 50 mm
Flow surface: hardened, hard chrome plated and polished to mirror finish and completely flash chrome plated
Gearbox Helical with thrust bearing


No of Rolls 3 (1 fixed & 2 moving)
Chrome roller diameter (mm) : 250
Chrome roller face width (mm) : 720
Line speed - meters/ min. : 1 to 18
Roller cooling systems: water
Flow Channels Spiral
Roller Vertical Movement Pneumatic
Material of Rolls EN 19, Hardened to 65 RC, hard chrome plated, ground & mirror super finished to less than 1 RA


Type Constant Torque with 2 Stations
Pulling roller diameter (mm) : 100
Material One Rubber & another Hard Chrome Plated
Line speed - meters/ min. : 0 to 10
Side Trimming Unit 2 stainless steel blades with guide rollers.
Clutch Mechanical


Extruder: 30 HP AC
Calendar Roller: 2 HP AC
Nip Roller 0.5 HP AC


Extruder 30 HP of Lenze, USA makes
Roller 2 HP AC


65 MM Barrel 2 KW Band HeaterX4 Zones of 2 Heaters=16 KW
Piston Screen Changer 350 W Cartridge Heater X 4 Nos = 1.4 KW
Lever Type Screen Changer 1 KW Band Heater X 2 Nos = 2 KW
T Die 500 W Cartridge Heater X 13 Nos = 6.5 KW


Drive Lenze, USA
Contactors GE
Push Buttons Technique / Rass
MCB Protec (Telemechanic)
Connectors El Max
Ampere & Volt Meter Meco / Beemet
Heaters Excel
Gearbox Sudarshan Gears / Anand


Power Supply 415 V +/- 5%, 50 C/S +/- 3%, 3 Phase
Air Compressor 2 HP
Chilling Plant 5 T with 3 Tanks
Connected Load 50 KW
Space Required 7 M X 3 M X 2 M (LWH) Approx