Sell Two-pole active anti-shocking protection power strip

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If the naughty kids insert fingers into the socket that is working, he will be stricken down by shocking definitely. Most of traditional electrical outlets dont have the function of anti-shocking, some products have the function of positive anti-shocking, the function wont work until people are stricken, while its not easy for the kid to survive from such strong current. Some products have protection door, but it cant prevent small size of metal stick; whats more, it will inspire the kids curiosity and try to insert the small metal stick, so this kind of product cant solve the problem absolutely, and it may cause the shocking accidents.

Lanweis patented product one pole active anti-shocking power strip can solve the problem simply; its mainly designed for the family with naughty kids or high concern on electricity safety.

*You connect the socket of two poles at the same time when its working, you wont get shocked.

*Over-load protection function.

*Protect your family especially the naughty kid.

*High quality raw material:
Outer shell: PC+ABS(Heat deflection temperature: 1050)
Cable plastic: 100% new PVC
Cable Conductor: oxygen-free copper
Socket: high flexible phosphor copper

Power:2500W-10A, MAX 250V
Max current load:10A11
Plug with built-in fuse (British plug)
Cable length: 1.8M, section area: 0.75 square meters
Flame resistant: comply UL94V0 standard
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Lanwei /OEM
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