Sell Type 2 Collagen

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Hydrolyzed collagen is classfied with different types based on distribution and characteristics. Type II hydrolyzed collagen is made from cartilage. As the special product, Joyvo type II collagen is made from healthy chicken cartilage via very advanced technology in China. There is very few similar products in the market.

Product name: Type II hydrolyzed collagen
Appearance: White powder
Odor: No unpleasant odor
Type II collagen content: 65% min
Moisture: 12.0% max
Mucopolysaccharides : 15.0% min
Hyaluronic acid : 5.0% min
Ash content: 10.0% max
pH: 5.0-6.5
Heavy metal(Pb) : 0.5 ppm max
As: 0.3ppm max
Baterial: 1000cfu/g max
Package:25kg paper cases