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Ingens A1 was designed with innervations and passion on the tread design, featureing a sporty look. It also gives excellent performance and comfort. After much improvement and tests, the Ingens A1 shows excellent traction and comfor ability. Regardless of the wet or dry road surface, the tyres provides the drivers with infinite driving pleasure.

195/45R15 185/55R15 235/55R17XL
235/65R17XL 195/55R15 245/55R17
235/60R16 205/55R15 235/55R18XL
225/60R17 205/55R16 255/55R18
255/60R17 215/55R16XL 195/50R15
225/60R18 225/55R16 205/50R15
235/60R18XL 215/55R17 205/50R16
185/55R14 225/55R17XL 225/50R16