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The product below is with the monopoly technology, and Monopoly No: 200410051536.2 200420088433.9

Function Introduction
The body is a connector of car lighter, and there are three common buttons ( Play/Pause, Pre Song, Next Song) . Use the plug-in car lighter as the power supply, and if Flash-Disk (with MP3 songs inside) is connected to the USB of the U-KISS, setting the emit frequency , turning on the power, and then you can enjoy the wonderful music via the radio in the car!

Production Characteristic:
You can enjoy MP3 without the player, but just U-disk, and you can use it in the car, so as to save a lot. Theoritically speaking, there must build-in discode for MP3, which can read, and play the music files. You can enjoy the music from the car Stereo much more safely, and freely without earphone while you are driving. The easy-to-get U-disk are available everywhere , and much convenient than CD, and cassette , what's more, the masking technology adopted can make sure the green environment protection, and high quality for the sound.

Note: The masking technology
The technology mask the disturbance from outside ele-magnetic, so the reflecting signal of the electric wave itself, so that there is NO noise from disturbance caused by ele-magnetic , which can not avoided , so the sound quality is much better, while there is no requirements for receiving frequency from radio , so as not to overcome disturbance, while emitter power can be very low , so that there is no ele-magnetic disturbance, or ele-magnetic noise to the environment abround the car.

Masking Experience:
No music signal emitted from the sound source equipment can be received by any FM radio within the distances 2 to 6 meter outside the car.