Sell U S A original Cummins diesel generator set 200KW-2,660KW

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U. S. A original Cummins Electric Power System(200KW-2,660KW)
U. S. A original Cummins engine
1. Frequency 50HZ, Power factor 0.8(lagging)
2. Heavy load, durable 4-stroke water-cooled engine
3. Excellent transient response.
1. Matching two-thirds of low reactance winding team, H Grade Insulation
2. Bears super short circuit ability
3. Non-linear load electric voltage waveform distortion turns small.
4. Can load 100% advertised power at once and meet the requirement of NFPA110 standard
5. The system of PMG
6. Transcendent electricity start-up capability
Cooling system
40 Centigrade standard radiator,50 Centigrade standard radiator for choice
Wisdom type PCC control system
1. Using microprocessor as the core of intelligent control system
2. Realized the best and dependable movement of generator set
3. Integrate the function of engine timing and generator voltage regulation
4. Meet the requirements of RFI/EMI
1. Inner shock absorption system
2. Inner reduced heat device use rubber material
3. No need to add rubber material or spring damping liner under the bracket to fix it, if the floor is enough smooth
Exclusive Quality Assurance
The design, produce, prototype testing and final assembly and check of engine, generator, control system in the generator set are completed by Cummins
After service
Through all over the world fast services lane, you will receive around-the-clock after-sales service and spare parts supply with high quality, high efficiency and perfect services provided by Cummins.
Place of origin: U. S. A
Brand Name
New-line Cummins
Supply Capacity
50 sets per month
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
Minimum Order Quantity
Terms of Payment
T/T, L/C
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