One Time Sell U. S. SNACK FOOD FOR SALE (Potato/Corn Chips)

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Progressive International Trading Company is based in Durham, North Carolina, which operates in markets throughout the world. We focus on authentic food, agriculture commodities, and all natural herbs/herbal products. Our major concentration range from pure natural foods/Premium Taste foods products to snacks such as corn and potato chips, apples, pears, frozen dinners, frozen deserts, frozen turkey and chicken, bakery products, kosher foods and ice cream. We currently have an extensive domestic (USA) and international network of manufactures, food producers and suppliers. Our staff and international representatives consist of nationals who presently or were formerly highly placed government officials who have experience in international trade.

Based on the profile of the conscious consumer, Progressive International Trading Companys strategy focuses on these consumers key fields of interest: health and premium taste. The focus on these two fields is further driven by the element of authenticity and the converging needs of making healthy foods more tasty and premium taste foods healthier.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for immediate shipment or product information and product samples.

Daniel Brown

Progressive International Trading Company Inc.