Sell U. S. gold and silver tracer locator B

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B ~ tracer search area 0.5 miles, the depth of 9 meters This is a world's most advanced long-range small portable locator treasure of gold, metal ions using infrared sensors, scanning a large area quickly and accurately positioning, the search area 0.5 miles, the depth of 9 meters, used in the search to find the unknown underground natural gold Block, gold bars, gold, silver, copper, and other artifacts used in the hands of the Canal, is free to move around, scanning all directions, to boot. The apparatus does not apply to the learning experience in the use of treasure hunters. Gold / silver switch 10 location of the regulator High and low sensitivity switch 9V button cell Exploration work is a meticulous and painstaking work, which requires operators have patience, perseverance and confidence. Any detector can be on the ground floor of metal objects show a clear picture, it is probably only to indicate the location of the target metal, in order to be able to find the exact things, also requires the operator has a wealth of experience, according to the apparatus The response carefully, so as to make the right judgments.