Sell UD Bulletproof Fabric

UD Bulletproof Fabric You May Also Be Interested In: armored vehicle ballistic helmet bulletproof fabric cut resistant gloves sewing threads
Applications: body armor, ballistic helmet, armored vehicle, cut-resistant gloves, parachute rope and fishing line
Relational standard types: 60D (66dtex) , 120D (132dtex) , 150D (165dtex) , 200D (220dtex) , 250D (275dtex) and 300D (330dtex)
Typical applications:
Ultra fine and strongest fishing, kite and parapenting lines, sewing threads and bow strings About 4 to 5 times thinner than nylon mono-filament
Only 0.12mm when braiding fishing line with 60D
Greater control, less risk of line breaking
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