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LITREE Ultrafiltration (UF) Membrane Module for Water treatment and processing

Membrane material: Improved Hydrophilic PVC
Configuration: Inside-out hollow fiber
Tolerance to chlorine: 500ppm for short-term
pH range: 2~13
Filtrate turbidity: < 0.1NTU
Product water: SDI < 1
Membrane area: 40m2
MWCO: 50, 000 Dalton
Design flux: 2.4-6.4m3 /hr
ID/OD: 0.85/1.5mm
Module size(mm) : 277x1715

Field of application
- Turbidity removal for wine; Sterilization and turbidity removal for fruit wine, grape wine, and yellow wine.
- Drinking water treatment in cities, towns and rural area.
- Get rid of pyrogenfor pharmacy water.
- Concentration treatment of food, zymolysisand milk.
- Various dialysis and blood filtration in medical treatment.
- Treatment of municipal water, surface water and well water for drinking.
- Pretreatment and post-treatment of reverse osmosis, raw water includes seawater, surface water, well water and sewage water, etc.
- Recycle use of condensation water
- Treatment of manufacturing water for food and beverage.
- Deep treatments of wastewater for recycle.

Model LH3-0650-V LH3-1060-V
Initial water flux (Gallons/h) 1056 3960
Designed water flux (Gallons/h) 158-422 634-1690
Designed water flux (Gallons/m2 /h) 16-42
Filtration water turbidity <0.1NTU
General coliform group separation No detection in each 100 ml water sample
Feces coliform group separation No detection in each 100 ml water sample
Bacteria separation No detection in each 1 ml water sample
Standard membrane area (m2 ) 11 40
Hollow fiber amount (unit) 3940 11000
Net weight (kg) 18 37
Wet weight (kg) 26 58
Module dimensions (mm) 187x1398 277x1715
Membrane type Internal pressure hollow fiber
Filter membrane material A pprov ED PVC
Membrane housing material PVC
Material of enveloping glue on ends Epoxy resin
Molecular weight cutoff 50, 000 Daltons
Inside / outside diameters of hollow fiber (mm) 0.85 /1.50
Packing: Carton
Model No. : LH3-1060-V
Standard: Inside-out Pressure Vessel UF Module
Productivity: 500PCS/month
HS Code: 84212190
Trademark: LITREE
Origin: China
Transportation: Air/Sea Transportation
Type: Water Treatment
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
5000 pcs per month
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
15 days
Minimum Order Quantity
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