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UFREE-HORSE is a walkable ride on horse toy without power.
You probably loved to or wished you could ride horses and ponies when you were a kid. It's just something most kids love to do.
Today the horse is far away from our common life. Some people never see them, to say nothing of riding them. But now anyone can ride UFREE-HORSE and you don't need to be a kid.
UFREE-HORSE has similar appearance to a real horse. Plush material and leather cover the sturdy steel frame and complicated drive system. No Batteries or fuel needed. It is the syntheses of stuffed/plush toy, rocking horse toy and exercise machine, especially, it can walk. It does not need any battery or petrol power to make it run. The horse will run when rider's body move up and down pressing the saddle continually, just like the action of riding a real horse.
The horse could not only run in straight line, but also swerve even in the narrow room. UFREE-HORSE can be put in various places as your house, garden, squares, parks, footpath and amusement ground. It only needs a flat and hard ground. UFREE-HORSE also can act as the amusement park ride equipment. Riders can play horse racing game together. As an exercise machine, it is good for muscles of waist, abdomen and legs.
Feel like riding a real horse, kids will be very excited to leave their rocking hobbyhorse and jump on this walkable "real horse".