Sell UHP tyre

UHP tyre
This is our own private label UHP tyre for passenger cars.

Its sizes: 225/40R18 YW 215/40R18 YW 225/45R17 WV 205/40R17 WV 215/45R17 WV 205/55R16 WV 215/55R16 WV 205/50R16 WV 205/45R16 WV 225/55R16 WV 195/55R15 WV 195/50R15 WV

Certification: DOT ECE CCC

New pattern, comfort, low noise, balance (low rolling resistance) , performance, durability, wearability, anti-pierce, stability , good drainage, supreme high speed capacity, high lateral skid prevention capacity, and the best cost performance.