UK-106 PABX SYSTEM You May Also Be Interested In: pabx pabx system
1LINE 6EXT AUTO ATTENDANT: Automatically receive incoming calls by DISA with ON/OFF switch. LINE DIRECT CALL: No need to dial 0 or 9 to access outgoing call. CALL JUMP: Calls transfer to extensions when power failure. CALL TRANSFER: Transfer incoming calls to any extension. CALL PICK UP: Can receive any extension calls from any other extensions. ANTI-UNLAWFUL DIALING & EAVESDROPPING: Prevent unlawful dialing and eavesdropping made from outdoor. HOLD ON MUSIC: Play music to caller. CALL NUMBER CONTROL: Can restrict the outgoing call numbers. -PARTY CONFERENCE: Allow 3 party conference call ( 2 incoming 3 call with one extension, or 2 extension with 1 incoming call ) . RINGER ON/OFF( DO NOT DISTURB ) : Can set ringer on/off for incoming call for each extensions. PRIVATE C/O LINE SETTING: Set personal dialing account. INTERCOM: Can communicate between extensions, transfer incoming / outgoing call to other extensions. EXTENSION RESTRICTION: Can restrict any extension to dial outgoing call ( receive only ) .