Sell ULPA High Efficiency Filter

ULPA High Efficiency Filter You May Also Be Interested In: glass fiber paper high efficiency filter mini pleat hepa filter
1) Ultra Low Resistance To Airflow
2) Thin
3) Light Weight
4) Low Operating Cost
5) Each Filter Is Individually Tested
6) collecting 0.1 To 0.2 Micro Particles With An Efficiency Of 99.995% .
7) Type: Hs Mini-pleat Hepa Filter
8) Frame: Extruded And Anodized Aluminum
9) Media: Glass Fiber Paper
10) Separator: Hot-melt
11) Sealant: Polyurethane
12) Recommended Final Pressure Drop: 600pa
13) Oem Orders With Customized Designs And Specifications Welcomed

Widely used in various Purification System, For excellent capability in pharmacy Cosmetics, Foodstuff, Hospital, Precision Machinery ect.