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Disinbio handheld aerosol sprayer is a world leading electric aerosol sprayer device. By means of the airstream's atomization theory, it sprays out disinfection liquor in aerosol state and produces up to 150 ml/minute flux and 8m range. The sprayed medicine particles, less than 505m in diameter, form dense reticulation and suspend in air for a period of time, resulting in sufficient combination with virus and thus optimal disinfection effect in air and on object surface. This device is easy to operate. Just hold the sprayer handle and adjust the atomization knob freely. A huge space will be filled with aerosol disinfection liquor in short time, disinfecting fast and saving medicine. It is a recommended disinfection tool by the Ministry of Public Health for the disinfection activities in sickroom, pub l ic and polluted objects.

The traditional fumigation disinfection calls for complete seal of the space, taking long time and fussy efforts; The ultraviolet disinfection also takes long and cannot produce disinfection at the shadows , such as roof and bed underneath. Even the weather change can also affect the disinfection effect. According to the disinfection experts, professional disinfector and spraying method are recommended for the disinfection activities at large publics, such as office building, hotel, marketplace, supermarket, theater and conference center. However, the spraying is also dainty. Common manual sprayer is helpless due to its minor disinfector atomization, and the disinfector cannot suspend in air, causing disinfection only at the ground. Only the aerosol sprayer does work! Just that sprayer can atomize disinfector into 5 ~ 205m fog particles, which suspend in air and combine virus for long time, bringing optimal disinfection results.

With a novelty sculpt, DS-2003 handheld aerosol sprayer is easy to carry and operate, effective and economic. It integrates the functions of disinfection, sterilization, dedusting, humidifying, deodorization and foliar fertilization. You need no longer to carry the bulk towed aerosol sprayer and can abandon the old poor-power, small-reservoir and less-atomization sprayer. It is especially applicable to the disinfection and sterilization efforts in any space including hospitals, public recreation grounds, department and institutions, schools, hotels and restaurants, large vehicles, farms and epidemic prevention departments. Its undoubted disinfection effects have been proved by the authority inspection results of Beijing Center for Disease Prevention and Control. As a high-tech product of Talent Company, it has won the acclaims from customers and will bring benefits to the society and commonalty.

Technical specifications:

Power supply: 220V 50 Hz

Input power: 800W

Container volume: 2000ml

Spraying speed: Stepless speed change

Range: 1 ~ 8m

Particle spectrum diameter: = 50 5m (aerosol working state)

Spraying flux: 100~250ml/min

Net weight: 3Kg
Minimum Order Quantity