Sell ULV Spray Insecticide

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2% Rich-trans-d-Phenothrin +Tetramethrin ULV
Active Ingredient: Rich-trans-d-Phenothrin and Tetramethrin(WHO recommend)
Advantage: It is a high effective product to knock down mosquitoes even in the places they hide. It has high level of safety to kill fast, high deadly, less toxic, safe and high effective to use thermal aerosol generator to spray in some places where people hardly get in, such as sewer, grain depot, basement, plane and railway.
Target pests: It can effectively repel & kill all kinds of Reptiles and flying insects including Mosquito, Cockroach, Fly, Spider, Flea, Ant, Acarid, and other biting insects.
Usage: to disperse and kill the pests of public and home. It is special in prevention cockroach which in pipe line and sewer and can be used in inside and outside place. It is safe to human being and animals.
Usable range: It is suitable to everywhere, especially can be sprayed in plane, train, bus, hotel, school, house, supermarket and other place by thermal aerosol generator or ultra low volume generator to kill cockroaches and other pests.
Usable methods: Stay spray or ULV spray.
Packing available: 500mlW20bottle/case, 1LW20bottle/case, as per customer requirement.