Sell UN3 Series Copper Tube and Aluminum Tube Butt Welding Machine Operating Manual

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1. UN3 Series Copper Tube and Aluminum Tube Butt Welding Machines is one kind of resistance butt welding equipment specially designed for Copper Tube and Aluminum Tube Inserting Method welding, it can replace the High-voltage Flash Welding Machine with lower and old technology.

2. The System adopt Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) as the action logic controlling unit; adopt Special Microcomputer Welding Controller as the welding process control unit; adopt the High-quality Aluminum Alloy Cylinder and High-precision Beeline Bearings cooperated with High-precision Lathe Lever to make sure that the machinery actions precision.

3. It has the reliable welding quality, easy and simple control and adjustment, high productivity, no gas leakage phenomenon, and some other excellences. At the same time it also overcome the shortcomings. of old welding technology need to reprocess the welded tube and high-voltage which is easy to cause accident.

Basic Technical Parameters:
1, Power Supply: 380-440 VAC 50-60Hz(single phase) ;
2, Rated Capacity: 30 KVA-75KVA;
3, Welding Tube Diameter:Aluminum Tubes:#4.0--22.0mm+Copper Tubes: #4.0--22.0 mm;
4, Clamping Cylinder Space: >= 20 mm;
5, Horizontal Cylinder Space:5-20 mm(adjustable) ;

Controlling System:
1. The controlling system is divided into two units, the Action Process of Logical Unit adopt the Programmable Logic Controller(PLC) which can reach to fourteen points, built-in computer programme can not be adjusted, there are two kinds of operating methods:Manual Way and Automatic Way. By the manual way can be manually control welding clamping cylinder and start the process of welding; By the Automatic Way, only need to start footswitch controller, then the equipment will accomplish the entire weld process.

2. The Welding Process Controlling Unit adopt the Model:UN-3-2008B special welding microcomputer controller, the controllers panel is very easy to use and operate, furthermore it can set up the welding process parameters precisely.
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