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We would like to introduce ourselves as manufacturers and exporters of all kinds of Uniforms, Workwear, Accoutrements, Equipments, Accessories and Militaria related Military, Para-Military, Police, Airforce, Navy, Security, Private Institutions, Schools, WW-I & II Militaria and Rangers providing the finest in:

UNIFORM ACCESSORIES: Beret caps, peak/visor caps, side/garrison caps, hand/machine embroidered silk/bullion badges-patches-emblems, chevrons, pennants, combat boots, safety shoes, officers shoes, garget patches, metallic badges & buttons, dress cords, Plumes/hackles, workers gloves, lanyards, aiguillettes, epaulettes, ceremonial cords, bugle cords, medals, ribbons, shoulder knots/flaps, buckles, webbing equipments, web belts, chin straps, WW-I gas masks, flags & banners, flag stands, spurs, whistles, Sam Browne belts, leather belts with front buckles, pouches, helmets, hats, sticks, harness, leather holsters, gun cases, bayonets, canvas bags, sword frogs & knots, sleeping bags, anti-roit shields batons, helmets, water canteens . . . . etc.

WORKWEAR: Coveralls, work jackets, bib-coveralls, hospital dresses/scrubs, safety hazard vests, rain coats, parkas, anoraks, lab/over coats, Work shirts/trousers, aprons, camouflage suits. . . . . etc.

& UNIFORMS: Fatigue suits, field jackets, Military Sweaters/Jerseys, parkas, flying jackets, jumper suits, raincoats, ponchos, tunics. . . . etc.

We also make reproductions of WW I & II Militaria from the samples or pictures we receive from collectors and importers. Recently we have made reproductions of Shoulder ranks, tunics, breeches, Badges, Gas Masks, Visor caps, Buttons, Canvas Bags, Buckles, water canteens and much much more.

We are third generation in this field and presently we are exporting to different reputable importers and collectors in Denmark, U. S. A. , Saudi Arabia, Canada, Singapore, Chile, South Korea, U. A. E and England.
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