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Uninterrupted power supplies (UPS) are designed to protect electronic equipment like computers and telephone systems against problems arising from temporary failures in power supply. By providing a constant source of electricity, an UPS can help prevent damage or data loss that can occur due to unexpected shutdown of computers, telephone systems and other sensitive equipment. Uninterrupted power supply is a battery conversion system that supplies your computer with approximately 5 to 10 minutes of clean power allowing you to save your work. It also protects you system against surges and brownouts.
UPS systems work by detecting decreases in the amount of electricity coming from the main circuit, and boosting power to maintain a constant flow of electricity to the connected equipment. This power boost is provided either by a transformer that enhances a weak electrical flow, or from an internal battery that substitutes for the normal power source in the event of power failure.
A UPS is designed to make sure the PC gets the power it needs at a consistent level from the outlet or from the battery inside the UPS. The UPS is usually a pretty ugly and pretty heavy box that you hide underneath your desk. You plug it into the wall and your PC and monitor into the UPS. The UPS contains a battery that is constantly being charged to stay at maximum capacity. When the power drops below a certain level (a brownout) , or fails completely (black-out) , the UPS immediately (within a millisecond or two) kicks in and starts supplying the PC with power from its battery.
Of course the battery in the UPS does not last forever, and it alerts the user via an audible alarm that the power has failed so that the user can save any data and shut down the PC gracefully.