Sell UREA N-46( Prilled)

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We are 100 % reliable sellers of UREA 46% prilled, from Russia, Romania and Ukraine.

In attached file, our INDICATIVE prices listing, . . . Prices are negotiable, depend to your:

- Total quantity
- Quantity delivered per month
- Payment terms
- Performance Bond (PB)
- Port's destination
- Target price
- Commissions


1- Buyer issues an ICPO/LOI with permission for soft probe
2- The seller reviews the ICPO and upon acceptance, issues a draft contract to the buyer for comments and acceptance. The buyer signs and returns the draft contract showing all amendments required, initialed an adds their full banking coordinates, confirming banking information and contact information.
3- The Seller, after discussing and finalizing all amendments with the Buyer by phone, fax or email, and amends the contracts where necessary, and signs , seals and issues to the buyer a final copy of the contract for its completion.
4- The buyer reviews the final contract and upon acceptance signs the final copy of the contract and returns it to the seller. If further revisions are required, they are noted and sent back to the seller for further review. Any facsimile or electronic copy shall be considered as the original.
5- Upon receipt of the accepted signed and sealed final contract from the buyer via fax or mail, the seller will issue to the buyer via First Class courrier, four (4) hard copies, of their final contract signed and sealed by the seller. The buyer shall sign and seal these hard copies and return tow (2) hard copies to the seller via first class courrier.
6- Seller issues via Bank Swift, proof of production before the payment
7- Within seven (7) international banking days after receipt of pre-advise L/C that is acceptable to the seller, the seller will issue a fully active two (2-5%) per cent performance Bond of the L/C per lift value.
8- Delivery and Shipment shall commence after the fulfillment or the procedures stated above per the shipping and delivery schedule provided by buyer.

Inspection by SGS

The Buyer may visit the Loading Port after L/C is opened if he wishes to do so at his own cost.