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2. A serious and well reputed "Multinational Trading House" has retained us as their Sourcing Mandate for the Purchase of "UREA-N-46%-Prilled" and Granular Quantity- 30 Million per MT. with Rollover for further 20 Million MT. @ US$-74 per MT. On CIF ASWP basis, duly Packed, in our Specified Bags, against a contract of 5 years, with an escalation clause of US$-50 cents per MT. after every 12 months with reduction in Price for a) FOB US$-18 per MT. B) C & F US$-1 per MT. C) BULK US$-4 per MT. Site inspection will be a must after contract is signed, before Pre-operative irrevocable, Non-transferable Documentary L/C is opened on the supplier. First the Buyer would place an order of a trial shipment of 12,500 MT. or 25,000 MT. or 30,000 MT. and the supplier has to provide the past performance in 2007 in form of a SGS certificates and B/L copies which is a must. Payment by SBLC will attract a reduction of US$-8 per MT. and by Fully Funded L/C or by Bank Guarantee, a reduction of US$-5 per MT. from the above Quoted price. First Pre-operative L/C to be opened within 15 days after site visit. Shipping Schedule shall be provided for 2007 within 60 days, for 2008 before 30th June,2007, for 2009 on or before 31st December,2007 and balance for 2010 and 2011 before 30th June,2008 or earlier, Buyers Option. THE PBG WILL BE 4%. Only Genuine Interested direct suppliers may contact
Terms of Sale