UREA You May Also Be Interested In: bank guarantee
We represent the largest manufacturers of a carbamide (urea 46) of the CIS. At the moment we can already offer you a carbamide of Russian manufactures, also to be prepared the offer from Ukraine. The price 284$ FOB with establishment of letter of credit such is a the manufacturer. This price already includes cost of our services (5 %from the sum) thus, 270$ the producer's price + 5 % of our services and as itis written earlier 284$ per ton.

We work under the following scheme:

1. We send our official offer with the signature of our chief and a company stamp.

2. Incase of interest in purchase of the offered goods we ask to grant the irrevocable confirmed order under the form of the international sample (ICPO) witha reference of bank or a bank guarantee with instructions of a name and a surname of the officer, number of its phone and the bank press.

3. We conclude with you the agreement on rendering of marketing services.

4. Then we give you the annual contract with the manufacturer.