USB, NET SIMUALTING FLOPPY DRIVE You May Also Be Interested In: floppy drive
USB NET simulating Floppy Drive is designed to replace the conventional floppy drive on various kinds of machines.
Weaknesses of conventional floppy drive and floppy disk:
easy to break; vulnerable to dust; inconvenient for holding and keeping; what is worse, if your floppy drive is a special one, you will find it more and more difficult to replace it when it is broken; also conventional floppy drive has disappeared on new computer.

Advantages of USB NET Simulating Floppy Drive:

Two channels to data transfer available: It has both USB port and NET port through which data or file can be transferred from USB Device or Network instead of floppy disk to your machine , more swift, convenient, reliable, durable.
Easy to install and use: It has the same dimensions and cable connections with the conventional floppy drive, when you get one, you just need to put it into the place of the original floppy drive. Very simple and easy!
If your machine is old but expensive, you absolutely do not want to throw it away, but the annoying floppy drive and floppy disk has been bothering you for a long time, what will you do? Just try the simplest way---