USB  DVB—T You May Also Be Interested In: sound chip

8K or 2K COFDM Waveform and QPSK or QAM Demodulation
MPEG 2 MP@ML Video and MPEG Layers 1 &2 Audio Decoding
Microsoft WDM Compatible Driver

Frequency Range
(fpc=38.9MHz) B1: 48.25 112.25Mhz
B2: 119.25 399.25Mhz

B3: 407.25 863.25MHz
Antenna input impedance 75(Ohms)+5(Ohms) unbalanced
Bandwidth 6, 7, 8 MHz
FEC Auto; 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8
Demodulator 16/64 QAM, OFDM2k, 8k, QPSK
Power 5.0+0.1V
Working Temperature 0C - 60C

DRAM 128 Mb
Graphic card VGA with at least 8Mb RAM
Direct X Version 9.0b and higher
USB A free USB port
Sound card Add-on card or on Board Sound chip

RF Input: IEC Female for 7/8MHz System or RF Female for 6MHz System
USB: Mini Type-B Female
CPU 750MHz for TV Preview; Recommend 1.0GHz for MPEG2 recording
OS Windows2000/XP
32 Keys Remote Controller
USB cable (A to B)