USB CABLE TOOL KITS. You May Also Be Interested In: cable tool cable tool kits usb optical mouse usb tool
A lot of Models available.
1. USB A/M to A/M Connector;
2. USB A/M to B/M Connector;
3. USB A/M to Mini 5P/M Connector;
4. FireWire 1394 6P/F to 4P/M Connector;
5. USB A/M to Mini 4P/M Connector;
6. RJ11 to USB A/F Connector (*2PCS) ;
7. RJ45 to USB A/F Connector (*2PCS) ;
8. RJ45 Crossover Connector;
9. USB A/M to USB A/M Cable;
10. USB A/M to USB A/F Cable;
11. FireWire 1394 6P/M to 6P/M Cable;
12. DC3.5 Earphone;
13. RJ11 to RJ11 Cable;
14. 4 Port USB Mini Hub;
15. Mini USB optical Mouse.

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