Sell USB CDMA Network Card---800/1900MHZ

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USB CDMA wireless PC card function introduction:
USB CDMA wireless Modem specially provides the highly effective convenient wireless correspondence for the general liberal professions personnel. Whenever where all can freely move through the portable computer accesses the net. Likes wired accesses the net the function to be same, not WPA limit. Is suitable to all main operating system, including WINDOWS (XP, 2,000, NT, 98, ME) .
Wireless accesses the net
Dials the telephone
Receives and transmits the SMS
Inquires the SMS
Preservation historic record
The automatic statistics accesses the net the time
Communication book function
Derives in the UIM card the data
Inquiry signal, electric quantity condition
Browsing wilfully Internet homepage
Receives and dispatches E-mail
Telephone pronunciation function
Capture newest stock information, sporting news
Inquires the company interior database. . . etc
Product characteristic
USB CDMA wireless accesses the net Modem is for the pronunciation, the short news, the data and CDMA wireless accesses the net designs.
Waits for an opportunity the electric current: 5mA
In telephone conversation condition: 200-400mA
Input voltage: 5V, the USB connection direct power supply, does not need the external power supply
Outside measurement: 75x45x15mm
Weight: 38g
Basic characteristic
Support dual CDMA frequency,800/1900MHz, support the AT order, supports TCP/IP, UDP as well as the PPP agreement
153Kbps entire duplex transmissibility, maximum speed, promotion maximum speed and half speed rate
Double sound multi- frequencies function (DTMF)
SMS service function
Attachment service
Comes the electricity demonstration
Telephone directory management
UIM increment service
CDMA data characteristic
Data characteristic:
USB connection
Subminiature antenna connection, high sensitivity antenna
The pronunciation connection, comes the electricity to be allowed to receive and dispatch the pronunciation through the pronunciation connection
Automatically enters the province electricity pattern
3V moves the UIM slot
Outside sets at 360 to be possible to revolve may fold the high sensitivity antenna
USB line
The USB driver and installs uses the compact
Pronunciation communication, short information receiving and dispatching
The wireless receiving and dispatching email, CDMA wireless high speed access the net
Wireless data transmission, motion work and management
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
10,000 Units Per Month
Available Colors
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
7 Work Days
Model Number
CDMA 800/1900MHz
Minimum Order Quantity
100 Units
Power Requirements
not request
Terms of Payment
Terms of Sale
FOB Shenzhen of China
Warranty Coverage
1 Year