Sell USB CF Card MP3/WMA/WAV Record/Playback Solution OTG15E

USB CF Card MP3/WMA/WAV Record/Playback Solution OTG15E You May Also Be Interested In: cf card harddisk
On-board USB interface and CF (SD/MMC) card holder, support USB flash memory, USB mobile harddisk, and connecting computer.
When OTG15E connects with USB flash memory and CF (SD/MMC) card at the same time, user can copy the files of USB flash memory to CF card and also can copy the files of CF card to USB flash memory.
Support MP3, WMA, WAV all levels and all code stream rate multimedia files. The highest code stream is 1.44Mbps.
Support I2C communication interface, adopt standard I2C bus, user mainframe can use common IO port to simulate I2C time sequence.
Built-in output eliminating noise control circuit, switching is more quiet, sound effect is more excellent, and it is more suitable for the advanced professional application.
With LED indicator light used to indicate playing status.
Built-in real time clock, and support temperature detection.
Adopt single +5V power supply; inside generate +/-5V used to supply power for operational amplifier, which can get more wide dynamic range.