Sell USB Flash Disk - Model A

USB Flash Disk - Model A You May Also Be Interested In: computer electronic nand flash memory
Suitable for : computer& electronic equipment with USB port
Port : USB Spec. 1.0/1.1 /2.0
Capacity : 16M, 32M, 64M, 128M , 256M, 512M
Data Retention : over 10 years
Using Times : write& eraser over 1 million time
Reading/Writing speed: 900K/700Kb/s(computer configuration dependant)
Operating Current : < 40mA
Led Indicator Light : light on:connected and working flashing:
reading and writing data
Operating Temperature: -200 ~ 700
Wetting Temperature : 5% ~ 90%

1. Color will never be lost due to spray inside the case.
2. Wide area for logo imprint.
3. USB specifications 1.1/2.0 compliance, no requirementsfor physical drive
and external power supply.
4. Nand flash memory, the data will not be lost in case of the power off.
5. Support windows98/98se/me/2000/xp/MAS OS/ linux, automatic OS, installed
driver system without manual operating.
6. High speed, at least 10 years of data retention.
7. With boot, encrypt, space partition, autorun(no calibrate function) function.

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