USB OTDR You May Also Be Interested In: armored cable cable stripper karat or network tester otdr

Splicing loss detection
Fiber attenuation measure
Acceptance test
Fiber break point locating
Fiber length measure
On-line monitoring
Fiber identification

Plug-and-play unit via USB port or external power adaptor
Full function OTDR AP compatible to Windows 98 , 2000 or above
Rugged , light weight and easy to use
Automatic fiber length detection and fault event analysis
Mapping function with actual position display
Powered by USB port and rechargeable Li-ion battery

plier/cable barker/fault locator/polisher/cleaning pen/flashboard/Cable modulating demodulator/electromotive cleaner/Stripper/Kevlar Cutter/Cable Slitter/Optic Stripper
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